Kosovo Academy for Public Safety (KAPS) is established on September of 1999. Initially it is called Kosovo Police Service Schoolsubsequently since the year 2006 is called Kosovo centre for Public Safety, Education and Development. On 26 March 2008, by entering into force of UNMIK Administrative Regulation No. 2008/3, Kosovo Academy for Public Safety functions as an executive agency of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. 


Whereas from the December of year 2011 by the approval of  Law, gets the name of  Kosovo Academy for Public Safety (KAPS). According to this law, KAPS is the institution responsible for providing training and higher education, the implementation of policies and strategies of training, higher education, and capacity development in the field of public safety. The Academy provides the following services to all public security institutions, but not limited to: Kosovo Police (KP), Correctional Service (KCS), Kosovo Probation Service (KPS), Kosovo Customs (KC), the Agency of Emergency Management (AEM) and Kosovo Police Inspectorate (KPI). 


Education of  members of the public safety agencies are among the key components of development and creation of a modern and sustainable security in Kosovo These agencies are prepared in professional and internationally accepted standards, in order to face challenges and threats.  As a result of resources and its environment, the Centre has become the primary training and higher education  site for a wide range of public safety and a branch of training implementation.
Within the year at KAPS are trained from 12,000 to 13,000 public safety officers in basic, advanced and specialized training.


KAPS owns 28 (twenty eight) learning classes and residential space for 711 (seven hundred and eleven) students; Dormitories are separated for men and women.
In the main building and secondary buildings there are supporting administrative offices, learning centre "Steve Bennett", two halls for gymnastics, one hall for physical exercise, armoury, three warehouses, medical services, dinning facility, laundry, barber.

Mission, vision, values and strategic objectives

In December 2013, Kosovo Academy of Public Safety has approved the Development Strategy and its Action Plan for 2014 - 2018. Part of this document are the mission, vision, values and strategic objectives as follows. 



The Academy provides high quality of education, research and development for public safety agencies in the Republic of Kosovo



In 2020, the Academy will be recognized by national and international parties of interest as the primary institution for all levels of education in the sectors of public order and safety. Her staff members will display high level of professionalism  and will be entirely dedicated to organizational values of KAPS and the principle of continuous improvement



Demonstrated responsibility (the accountability)
Professional  ethics



• Permanent network of cooperation with the main parties of  interest 
• Development of curricula for all levels that are offered in KAPS
• Staff which in terms of competence and capacity meets the requirements of education in the KAPS
• Internal organization and infrastructure fulfill the needs for implementation of the mission of  KAPS
• Quality assurance system for the purpose of continuous improvement
• Functionalism of the Institute for Research and Development in KAPS