The "Community Information Day" was marked at the Academy


 Vushtrri, November 15, 2023 – At the Kosovo Academy for Public Safety (KAPS) today was marked the "Community Information Day", where more than a hundred young people from all communities living in Kosovo participated. 

The purpose of organizing this event was to inform the youth of the communities about the process of integration in public safety institutions.  

In this activity, young people had the opportunity to learn about the role, mission and vision of all public security institutions, from the Kosovo Police, the Kosovo Correctional Service, the Probation Service, the Police Inspectorate of Kosovo, the Kosovo Customs and the Emergency Management Agency, etc... 

The Prime Minister of the Republic of Kosovo, Albin Kurti, praised the work at the Academy, saying that this is a very important institution for all public safety officials and for the country.

"So that the citizens of Kosovo feel safe wherever they are - from Leposaviqi to Dragash; from Gjakova to Kamenica - for them to be comfortable throughout the territory of our state, we depend on Vushtrri", said Prime Minister Kurti. 

Quoting the slogan that is in the Academy, "Police is the people and the people are the police", Prime Minister Kurti said that in order for the agencies to be made up of the people, it is required that all communities in Kosovo are adequately represented.

He said that progress has been made with the integration of communities in safety institutions. 

On this occasion, Prime Minister Kurti also mentioned the work of the Kosovo Police, saying that during the mandate of his government, over 1,000 police operations against organized crime and smuggling were organized, over 100 criminal groups were destroyed, 16 drug laboratories were destroyed and over 3,800 people were arrested.

Prime Minister Kurti expressed his happiness that the young people of the communities have expressed interest in careers and the opportunities offered through the Public Safety Academy. 

Prime Minister Kurti encouraged the youth to use this excellent opportunity to learn about the opportunities and the application process, to make the Kosovo Public Safety Academy part of their plans and dreams. "I believe that in this way you can benefit a lot, but I also know that Kosovo will benefit a lot from your service," said Kurti.

The Minister of Internal Affairs Xhelal Sveçla said that the Kosovo Academy for Public Safety has raised whole generations that today are part of public safety institutions. 

"This joint meeting is a good opportunity to inform you about the work of the safety institutions and the possibility of your joining us in this common journey to strengthen our state. Our queues welcome each and every one of you", said Svecla.  

Minister Sveçla said that the safety institutions will always be open to all communities living in Kosovo, with the aim of the common journey to strengthen the state. "In the history of the establishment of our institutions and the building of our capacities, the contribution from all communities is an inseparable part. Diversity is a value and I am happy that we have members from all communities at all levels", said Sveçla

The Minister for Return and Community, Nenad Rashiq, said that young people of all communities have a place in the institutions of the country, especially in those of safety. "For me, the Academy symbolizes a thread, a collaboration for all of us, a progress, a development for the future. Since we are in this country, I don't know where would be the most suitable place for you, young people to be here.... For me, this academy is reliability, choice and future", said Rashiq. 


The acting Director General of the Kosovo Academy for Public Safety, Kastriot Jashari, expressed his happiness that the Academy has been and continues to be a good example of cooperation with all communities in Kosovo, in the field of training and higher education in public safety. 

"The Academy, as a common home of public safety institutions, has already for a long time naturalized the spirit of cooperation in achieving the main institutional and state objectives," said Jashari.


Director Jashari said that marking the "Community Information Day" is the best proof of the spirit of full cooperation with all communities, thus making our country an example of rights and freedoms for the whole society, without any distinction. 

"Our institutional vision, always with the support of Prime Minister Kurti, will continue with further advancement for joint organizations for communities and further facilitation of exercising their rights", said Jashari.


Meanwhile, the advisor to the Prime Minister for Community Affairs, Elizabeth Katherine Gowing, thanked all the actors who contributed to the organization of this event. 

Young people from Ferizaj, Fushë Kosova, Graçanica, Gjakova, Lipjani, Mitrovica, Obiliqi, Prishtina, Shtimja, etc. took part in the "Community Information Day".