The heads of KAPS and PIK conducted an official visit to the Czech Republic


Vushtrri, September 15, 2023 - During the time period 14 - 15.09.2023, the Acting General Director of the Kosovo Academy for Public Safety, Kastriot Jashari, and the Chief Executive of the Police Inspectorate of Kosovo, Kushtrim Hodaj, conducted joint visits to two important law enforcement institutions in the Czech Republic, at the General Inspectorate of Security Forces (GISF) and the Police Academy of the Czech Republic (PACz), in Prague. 


During the joint visits to these two institutions, there was a discussion on the deepening of cooperation in the field of training between PIK and GISF, as well as the beginning of building cooperation between KAPS and PACz. 


The important authorities of the Czech Republic express their readiness for cooperation and support for the respective institutions of Kosovo, and the parties agreed that future meetings will take place in Kosovo and discuss concrete fields of cooperation.