Ambassadors of QUINT states to the OSCE visited the Academy


Vushtrri, February 07, 2023 - The Kosovo Academy for Public Security (KAPS) was visited today by a delegation of permanent ambassadors of the QUINT states to the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) in Vienna, Austria.

The delegation in question met with the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Mr. Xhelal Sveçla, with the Acting General Director of the Academy, Kastriot Jashari, as well as with the directors of public safety institutions in Kosovo.

The purpose of the QUINT ambassadors visit was to learn more about the Academy's achievements.

The Minister of Internal Affairs, Mr. Xhelal Sveçla, highly appreciates the work of the Kosovo Academy for Public Safety and the Kosovo Police.

"I am happy to meet at the Kosovo Academy for Public Safety, which has been established and continues to grow thanks to the staff, help and continuous cooperation from our allies. From this academy, over the years, many generations have been educated, thanks to the knowledge and experience they have gained here, today they serve with dignity and dedication in the institutions of the Republic of Kosovo", said Sveçla.

Minister Sveçla said that the priority of the Government of Kosovo is security for the citizens of Kosovo, the fight against corruption, smuggling and all phenomena that affect the security of citizens.

“We are committed to realizing these common priorities, so that we can offer protection and security to our citizens, regardless of ethnicity, age, gender, or religious affiliation. "The Kosovo Police has achieved numerous successes in destroying criminal groups, combating contraband narcotics, human trafficking and many other activities", said Minister Sveçla.

Minister Sveçla thanked the OSCE for its continuous support to public security institutions in Kosovo.

The Acting General Director at the Kosovo Academy for Public Security, Kastriot Jashari, expressed his happiness that the ambassadors of the QUINT countries visited the Academy. During this meeting, Jashari informed the ambassadors about the mission and achievements of the Academy.

"The Kosovo Academy for Public Safety is an institution that, based on the legislation, offers trainings and higher education and at the same time organizes various meetings and activities for all law enforcers in Kosovo", said Jashari.

On this occasion, Jashari thanked the Government of Kosovo, the Minister Sveçla, for the support in the journey of the Academy. The director, Jashari, said that thanks to the close cooperation with local and international institutions such as the OSCE, the Academy today has managed to be the only security institution accredited by the internationals.

"The awards make us more motivated to continue our objectives, such as training and higher education to be of the highest quality. OSCE is one of our partners, we have a very correct cooperation, he thanked him for contributing for years with donations and other areas in public security in Kosovo", said Jashari.

Dejan Jankovic, Deputy General Director of the Kosovo Police, speaking on behalf of the police, said that the OSCE is an inseparable partner with public security institutions.

"The road to the creation of the Kosovo Police was not easy, considering the time and opportunities that our countries had at that time, but with the help of our international partners, in particular with the contribution of the OSCE, we managed to create a credible police institution with the necessary capacity to fulfill all our legal obligations", said Jankovic. Jankovic said that the Kosovo Police has successfully performed all its tasks and this success, as he said, is thanks to the cooperation and continuous support of the OSCE.

Meanwhile, the OSCE ambassador, Michael Davenport, expressing his happiness for the cooperation that the OSCE has with the security institutions in Kosovo, said that the Academy has achieved many results in its journey.

The Academy has managed to become a successful institution accredited by local and international organizations with which the OSCE is proud to enjoy its partnership since its establishment", said Davenport.

Ambassador Davenport said that the Academy makes a very valuable contribution to the development of capacities in the field of public security.

The ambassador expressed his happiness that the OSCE has supported the Academy and other institutions in carrying out their activities in the field of security.

Otherwise, the delegation of ambassadors was composed of Ambassador Christine Fages, permanent representative of France to the OSCE, Ambassador Gesa Bräutigam, permanent representative of Germany to the OSCE, Ambassador Stefano Baldi, permanent representative of Italy to the OSCE, Ambassador Neil Bush, permanent representative of the United Kingdom to the OSCE and Ambassador Michael R. Carpenter, permanent representative of the United States of America to the OSCE visited the entire campus of the Academy.