Representatives from the Academy participated in the conference "Networking of cooperation in the field of law enforcement education"


Vushtrri, 18 March 2022 - The conference "Networking of cooperation in the field of law enforcement education", held in Albania, was attended by representatives of the Kosovo Academy for Public Safety (KAPS), Ismail Smakiqi, former director general of the Academy and Avni Istrefi, head of the Foreign Relations Division. The purpose of the conference was to discuss the vision of the future of education in the field of safety and law enforcement in Albania.

Topic of the discussion of this conference was the strengthening of capacity and efficiency in the Security Academy which was organized by the Twinning Project for the Security Academy of Albania, following representatives were present, experts and officials from security institutions from Albania (Ministry of Interior, AS, State Police, MZSH, etc.), Finland (from POLAMK, JAMK, HAUS) and Estonia (EASS). 

In the framework of this conference, the former General Director of the Kosovo Academy for Public Safety Ismail Smakiqi made a presentation on developments in the field of training and higher education at the Academy during the implementation of twinning projects, period 2012-2019.

Smakiqi, who was also the leader of two twinning projects at the Academy, mentioned some achievements that have been made during this period, such as: higher education has been established; the 4-year bachelor (BA) study program in public safety has been designed according to the highest EU standards, based on the Bologna system; institutional and program accreditation has been achieved through local and international level experts; creation of new professional programs (VET) for all public safety agencies of Kosovo as a stakeholder with KAPS; Institutional accreditation and validation of professional programs at the local level by the National Qualifications Authority as well as achieving the international award of accreditation by IADLEST United States as a "Center of Excellence" etc.

During this conference, the Kosovo Academy for Public Safety was taken as a model for the successful implementation of two twinning projects IPA1 realized during the period 2012-2014 and IPA2 realized during the period 2016 and 2019, projects funded by the European Commission and implemented by Finland and Estonia. 

Rector of the Security Academy of Albania Bilbil Mema, presenting the vision of the Security Academy in Albania on the topic "Vision of the future in law enforcement education in Albania", praised the achievements of the Kosovo Academy for Public Safety. Mema said that the Kosovo Academy for Public Safety is a very good example to be followed by the Albanian Security Academy for the vision of the future, where according to Rector Mema in this regard should reflect the decision-making of stakeholders from Albania for the vision of the future of law enforcement education in Albania in general, and that in the Security Academy in particular. 

Participants in the conference held in Tirana by the respective institutions POLAMK, EASS, JAMK, HAUS from Finland and Estonia, have assessed that international cooperation between educational institutions in law enforcement and public safety is more than necessary for capacity building in the implementation of law, so that in the future law enforcement to be at the right level when dealing with the problems, the risks of the time from the aspect of public safety.