Kosovo Academy for Public Safety is re-accredited by IADLEST with the Award of Excellence


Vushtrri, 5 November 2021 - The Kosovo Academy for Public Safety has been re-accredited by the International Association of Directors of Standards and Law Enforcement Training (IADLEST) of the United States of America in the institutional field with the highest award ever offered by this Association, the Award of Exellence. 

KAPS after the initial phase for re-accreditation, started the application process in the spring of 2020. The upload of documentation on the platform provided by IADLEST was completed at the end of March 2021, which started the preparations for the field inspection phase by the IADLEST assessment team . The fact-finding and inspection visit started from 23 to 24 August 2021 at KAPS. The expert evaluation team consisting of Mark Damitio, IADLEST Accreditation Manager and Kelly Alzaharna, Executive Director of the US Academy of Law Enforcement in New Mexico, also Chair of the IALDEST Accreditation Committee, held a number of meetings in coordination with Emin Uka, Head of Quality Assurance Division / Accreditation Manager at KAPS, under the leadership and management of Arton Berisha, General Director of KAPS.

Meetings were held with the management, leadership and training staff of KAPS, verifying the compliance of policies, processes and the implementation of standards within KAPS. The inspection and fact-finding phase was followed by a phase of recommendations and a preliminary report which, based on the recommendations of the assessment team, paved the way for the IADLEST Accreditation Committee to decide on the re-accreditation of KAPS at the highest award ever offered by this Association, with the AWARD OF EXCELLENCE exceeding expectations from 80%, to an achieved assessment of 96.26% achievement.

This recognition ranks KAPS second in the world after the USA, which is also the primary indicator of fulfilling the mission of the Academy as a Center of Excellence in the region and beyond. 

“In this regard, KAPS is joining an elite group dedicated to excellence in providing public safety training worldwide. The policies, procedures, processes, facilities and staff of the Academy reflect the fact of being the best example of practices and standards in the local and international aspect”, here was is noted on the IADLEST Accreditation notification.

From now on, it remains for the Academy to be challenged in the continuous improvement in the preservation and application of this recognition for all those who approach the Kosovo Academy for Public Safety by applying standards and example to be followed by others.