The book "Criminology" by Prof. Dr. Ferid Azemi is published


Vushtrri, 01 July 2021 –  The book "Criminology" whose author is professor of the Faculty of Public Safety Ferid Azemi is Published, this publication is supported by the Kosovo Academy for Public Safety (KAPS). The book "Criminology" deals with the forms and causes of crime, with special emphasis on understanding the crime in the psychological and neuropsychological context.

According to the author of the book, Professor Azemi, the book in question offers many opportunities for recognizing crimes ranging from classical explanations to crimes and terrorism..

"A special focus and so far not sufficiently addressed in our country and in the region is the treatment and understanding of crime in the psychological and neuropsychological context. One of the special sections of the book is dedicated to understanding some of the mental illnesses that are associated with criminal behavior. "The seriousness of some such behaviors has tragic consequences in many cases", it is said in the book "Criminology".

Therefore, the author through the book estimates that law enforcement officers must fully understand who they are dealing with and how important it is to be exiled dangerous persons from the community and how to deal with these categories.

A special part of the book is the treatment of the phenomenon of pornography in general, and child pornography in particular.

"The abuse of children in a more rude and cruel way by their relatives presents an untreated social context that may have been unknowingly neglected. While today we still have millions of children being abused in various ways, and while there are thousands of child pornography websites, this suggests that behind the scenes of cruel abuse is a fairly large audience that with clicks supports the continuation of this cruel game ", said Azemi.
The book also talks about the field of terrorism as a special part, where all those students who study at the Faculty of Public Safety have the opportunity to read about this phenomenon.

Otherwise, the goal of the Kosovo Academy for Public Safety continues to be the further development of the bachelor study program and the strengthening of higher education in public safety in the Academy.

The Academy continues to support the building of teaching capacities, quality assurance, including works and publications of adequate academic books based on the current accredited and re / accredited curriculum of the bachelor program (BA) in public safety at the Academy.

The Academy has sublimated such support by prioritizing it in the context of its special importance in its current Development Strategy 2019 -2022.

The book "Criminology" will be used for the needs of students in bachelor studies at the Faculty of Public Safety at the Academy.

The author of the book is Dr. Ferid Azemi, a full-time lecturer at the Faculty of Public Safety at KAPS. The book has 235 pages, is divided into 11 chapters. The book is reviewed by two professors from the United States of America dr. John Fisher of Utah Valley University and dr. Luan Zeka from the University of Rochester, as well as professor dr. Vilard Bytyqi regular lecturer at the Faculty of Public Safety.