UBT students have visited the Academy


Vushtrri, June 09, 2021 -
A group of students of the University College of Business and Technology (UBT) led by Professor Arian Kadriu, today have visited the Kosovo Academy for Public Safety (KAPS) where they met with the Dean of the Faculty of Public Safety (FPS) Bejtush Gashi, Vice Dean Nexhat Jashari and other FPS staff.

The purpose of the visit was that the students to get acquainted with the functioning of the Faculty of Public Safety.

During this visit for the students of UBT a presentation was made about the role, mission of the Academy and the study program of FPS.

Dean of the Faculty of Public Safety Mr. Bejtush Gashi in front of the students made a brief overview of the history and challenges they faced during the process until the opening of the Faculty of Public Safety.

The Dean Mr. Gashi talking about the higher education program in the field of public safety for all Law Enforcement said that the program which is implemented at the Faculty of Public Safety is in accordance with the Bologna process, respectively with the European standards. "It is a program that previously did not exist not only in the Academy, but also in Kosovo and in the Region", said Mr. Gashi

UBT students during this visit had the opportunity to exchange experiences and discuss various issues with the Academic staff of the Faculty of Public Safety.