OSCE Ambassador in Vienna, Ian Cliff visited KCPSED


Vushtrri, February 07, 2011 – Chief Executive of the Centre for the Public Safety, Education and Development (KCPSED), Mr. Sheremet Ahmeti, today hosted the Ambassador of the United Kingdom Delegation to the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) in Vienna, Mr. Ian Cliff. The purpose of the visit was to know more closely the training concept that is performed in KCPSED. Having qualified the visit as very important, Mr. Ahmed thanked the OSCE for the continuous support and assistance that is doing to the Centre for Public Safety. Chief Executive Mr. Ahmeti during his meeting with Mr. Cliff discussed about long-term plans of educational and development programs of public safety officials.
During the meeting Mr. Ahmeti informed the Ambassador with all the achievements of the Centre, the concept, vision and training that are delivered at the Centre by all agencies like Kosovo Police, Emergency Management Agency, Correctional Service and Customs Service

Talking about KCPSED objectives, Mr. Ahmeti said that the centre has an excellent cooperation with the OSCE. He also informed Ambassador Cliff for the certification and accreditation process of the Centre, as well as for capital projects that KCPSED intends to realize in the future

Whereas the UK ambassador to the OSCE in Vienna, Ian Cliff expressed his pleasure that he made this visit to KCPSED. During this visit he was interested on all activities that are taking place at the Centre. Ambassador Cliff promised that the OSCE will support KCPSED in the future as well.