It has graduated the 37th generation of Kosovo Correctional Service


Vushtrri, 17 April 2009

After eleven weeks intensive training of 70 new correctional officers, at the Center for Public Safety, Education and Development, the 37th generation of Kosovo Correctional Service graduated.

In the ceremony where present Minister of Justice Mrs. Nekibe KELMENDI, Commissar of Kosovo Correctional Service Mr. Resmi HOXHA, Minister of Health Mr. Alush GASHI, KSF Deputy-minister Behxhet BRAJSHORI, General Director of Kosovo Police Sheremet AHMETI, EULEX representatives and also other guests and relatives of correctional officers.  

Minister KELMENDI congratulated the new officers for graduation and said that:”I do not doubt that you will be professional in your working places and I believe in what you learned during training, will be practiced in your work”. 

“Kosovo Correctional Service from the overall number of officers, 7.5 percent are minorities, which makes us proud that this service represents the community”.
She highly evaluated the inter-institutional cooperation, in particularly the cooperation with the Kosovo Police. 
Mrs. KELMENDI thanked the guests for their time to join the graduation ceremony.

Meanwhile, the KCS Commissar Mr. Resmi HOXHA congratulated the officers on the graduation.
“We are dedicated that always the justice to rule, hence I believe that this generation with devotion will execute their mission, always having in mind the law enforcement” said inter alia Mr. HOXHA

The General Director of Police Mr.  Sheremet AHMETI, appreciated that the common vision, education and training have played an essential role in building a professional staff of institutions.  
 “Building the law enforcement in the effort of representative, accountable and democratic institutions is our common vision for a safe and peaceful life”, said Mr. AHMETI. 

While, a.d./director of KCPSED Mr. Lulzim FUSHTICA said that: “We are dedicated and we continue to support trainings that are developed in the Center, according to the required standards”