Quality assurance in the Academy

Quality assurance at the Kosovo Academy for Public Safety (AKSP) is part of continuous development for all processes and activities at the Academy.

The implemented quality system provides an overview of the principles of quality management in AKSP and shows how those principles can form the basis for improving performance and organizational improvement. Continuous improvement of education is the main principle and part of the vision of the Academy.

For this, questionnaires have been created in the quality of measuring and improvement mechanisms in the field of higher education as well as various trainings, be they professional, basic, advanced, specialized or for instructors, always placing the student/cadet/participant in the center.

Quality Assurance Division – QAD

The Division for Quality Assurance is a division which is operationally independent and functions under the Office of the General Director of the Academy of Public Safety.

The Quality Assurance Division is committed to increasing quality in AKSP by implementing all institutional policies and quality measurement instruments approved in the quality manual which is revised on a regular periodic basis in accordance with new changes and updates.

DSC implements procedures that include evaluation processes and systems, as well as supervises and assists in the continuous improvement of quality control processes through fair and appropriate methods - actions, as well as prepares the self-evaluation report and the necessary documentation for the accreditation processes, local and international according to the legislation in force.

DSC drafts reports which are addressed to the general director of AKSP, the dean of the Faculty of Public Safety (in cases of higher education) and other constituent departments within AKSP, with the aim of continuous development and improvement of the Academy.