Division of Legal Affairs

Division for Legal Affairs


1. Duties and responsibilities of the Division for Legal Affairs are:


1.1. Provides support in drafting normative acts from the scope of the Academy;


1.2. Ensures the harmonization of normative acts of the Academy with the European Union legislation as well as with the applicable laws in Kosovo;


1.3. Provides advice, recommendations, guidance and legal opinions required by the scope of the Academy;


1.4. Ensures accomplishment of legal obligations towards implementation of law and other provisions within the scope of the Academy;


1.5. Cooperates with the Ministry of Justice relating to the representation of the Academy in judicial contests;


1.6. Provides support to the Academy organizational structures to identify the issues that need to be regulated;


1.7. Drafts proposal decisions, proposal of different materials required by General Director of the Academy.


2. Head of Division for Legal Affairs reports to the Head of the Department for Strategic Planning and Legal Affairs.


3. Number of employees in the Division for for Legal Affairs is three (3). 




Sadat Gashi

Head of the Division of Legal Affairs 

Tel. + 383 (0) 28 590 070

E-mail: [email protected]

Address:  KAPS – Vushtrri