The Board of Kosovo Academy for Public Safety 

KAPS - Board                                                                                                                                                                                                                               


The board of Kosovo Academy for Public Safety is an authority established in accordance to article 17 of the Law no. 04/L-053 of the Kosovo Academy for Public Safety (which come into effect in December/2011) with a purpose to establish the basic professional standards and policies in minimum regarding to trainings in the field of public safety, specialized education and advanced as well about the officials of Public Safety Institutions. 

The Board is organized based on the Regulation no. 06/2013 based on the regulation mentioned above the Board of Kosovo Academy for  Public Safety, it was determined about the structure, responsibilities and rules at work. 

The board as follows it has been established early in 2008 through the legal framework of UNMIK-, respectively to the UNMIK- regulation no 2008/18 about the establishment of Kosovo Board on Public Safety Standards and Education as well.

The Board Structure 

KAPS- Board members are as follows; 

1. General Director of Kosovo Police – 

2.  State Prosecutor- 

3. General Director of Kosovo Customs- 

4. General Director of Kosovo Correctional Service- 

5. General Director of Kosovo Probation Service – 

6. Executive Chief of Emergency Management Agency- 

7. Executive Chief of Kosovo Police Inspectorate- 

8. General Director of Kosovo Academy for Public Safety- a member without the right to vote. 

Leadership Board 

·  The Chairman of the Board is elected by majority of vote members with a right to vote for a period of one year. Elections will be held at the first-meeting of the board at the beginning of each calendar year. 

·  In the initial meeting of KAPS Board- held on the date 10.03.2014 it was elected the Chairman of the Board for 2014- Shpend Maxhuni- General Director of Kosovo Police. 

Board Meetings 


The Board meets every (3) three months, but it can be gathered to meet frequently depending on the issues required for review by Chairman or at least with a request by four (4) members of the Board.  

In the initial meeting of the KAPS- Board held on the date 08.04.2013 it was set the schedule for regular meetings of the Board; 

-          Regular meetings are held every second week of the Month on Monday- in March, June, September and December. 

-        On the case if the day of the meeting is an official holiday, the meeting will be held on the following day.


Board Secretariat 

Board of the Secretariat serves to organize, coordinate, develop and carry out the necessary activities of the Board’s work. 

 Board of the Secretariat carry out duties and responsibilities based on the Regulation no. 06/2013 about the Board of Kosovo Academy for Public Safety.