Division of Language Support

Division forLanguage Support


1. Duties and responsibilities of the Division for Language Support:


1.1. Provide translation services, proofreading and corrections in albanian, english and serbian;


1.2. Provide verbal translation services in training and other activities that take place at the Academy;


1.3. Provide interpretation services in consecutive and simultaneous form;


1.4. Written translation of curriculum (curriculum) and other materials in the Academy;


1.5. Proofreading and correction of curricula, tests and other materials;


1.6. Archiving of proofreading and translated materials in electronic form;


1.7. Verbal interpretation in the fields, indoor and outdoor shooting ranges as well as sports halls for delivered trainings by the Academy;


1.8. Provide translation in different levels of meetings, ceremonies, seminars and other activities which are conducted by the Academy.


2. Head of Division for Language Support reports to the Head of the Department of Training and Education Support.


3. Number of employees in the Division for Language Support is twent



Mehmet Pllana

Head of Language Support Division 

Tel. + 383 (0) 28 590 070

E-mail: [email protected]

Address: KAPS - Vushtrri