Division of Internal Audit

Division of Internal Audit


1. Duties and responsibilities of the Division of Internal Audit are:


1.1. Ensures implementation and compliance of laws, regulations, policies, guidelines and manuals to defined by the applicable law in force;


1.2. Ensures timely preparation of the draft strategicaudit plan based on risk assessment; 


1.3. Organizes, conducts and oversees all internal audit activities and submits audit results in accordance with the applicable law in force;


1.4. Prepares and submits quarterly and annual reports on all audit activities;


1.5. Prepares and implements quality assurance program for internal and external evaluation of the internal and external audit function;


1.6. Reports immediately to senior management and the Audit Committee, for each indicator of fraud or corruption activity, offers suggestions for improving the situation, and if senior management does not take appropriate ongoings, notifies other competent authorities.


2. Head of Division of Internal Audit reports to the General Director.


3. Number of employees in the Division of Internal Audit is one (1).  


Imer Haliti

Director of Internal Audit Unit 


Tel. + 383 (0) 28 590 070

E-mail: [email protected]  

Address: KAPS – Vushtrri