Emergency management agency

Rescue Firefighting Service Training and Educational Center operating within KAPS started with work in 1999.
DME Training Center (TEC) organizes and conducts preparations, education and constant qualification of DME officers, non-commissioned officer and firefighters for the entire territory of Republic of Kosovo. Processes and secures highest levels of teaching curriculums and other activities in the field of emergencies and also processes Operational Firefighting and Rescue standards. 

To assist in developing the level of preparedness of DME officers to carry out our mission under responsibilities vested under laws in force.

Responsibilities and tasks of  TEC

Responsible for training, education and enhancement of DME staff and Firefighting and Rescue Service;
Responsible for organization of various trainings and workshops for Firefighting Rescue Service;
Responsible to draft training programs;
Plans and provides professional assistance in training and qualification;
Responsible for developing and implementing training program curriculums;
 To develop a training and educational system, including preparation of certificates;
Responsible for developing educational programs for all firefighting levels and related topics;
Follow up and assist in realization of curriculum of Municipal Directorate for Protection and Rescue and Department of Emergency Management, on training members of protection forces, rescue and help forces.

Representatives of Emergency Management Agency at KAPS, 
Tel: +383 (0) 28 570 008

Address: KAPS – Vushtrri