The Academy honors the work of the hero Bunjaku


Vushtrri, December 28, 2023 –  In the yard of the Kosovo Academy for Public Safety (KAPS) from today, a bench will be named of the hero of Kosovo, Sergeant Afrim Bunjaku, who was killed on September 24 in Banjska, Municipality of Zveçan by Serbian criminal gangs.

The unveiling of this bench today was made in the presence of the family members of the hero Bunjaku, the Minister of Internal Affairs Mr.Xhelal Sveçla, the Director General of the Kosovo Police Mr.Gazmend Hoxha, acting Director General of the Academy Mr.Kastriot Jashari and representatives of the OSCE which has been a supporter of the Academy since its establishment.

Minister of Internal Affairs Xhelal Sveçla said that it is a great honor to be present at the unveiling of this bench, in the place where the hero Bunjaku began his career and gave the oath to protect the lives of citizens and the sovereignty of the territory of Kosovo.

Minister Sveçla said that his name on this bench is a motivation for the cadets of the new generations who will come to study at this Academy.


"The year we are leaving behind was a challenging year for our country as it became even more difficult on September 24, when our country was faced with a terrorist attack and organized paramilitary and terrorist gangs of Serbia that killed sergeant Afrim Bunjaku", said Sveçla.

Acting Director General of the Kosovo Academy for Public Security, Mr.Kastriot Jashari said that the mission of the hero Bunjaku was the continuation of the war of the Kosovo Liberation Army, because he has fallen in defense of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Kosovo.

"Placing this symbol for Afrim  here at the Academy is an additional motivation for the cadets and every police officer, who are educated here. I am proud that the Academy and Kosovo Police Institutions have produced people who are ready to sacrifice their lives for the country", said Mr. Jashari.

The Director General of the Kosovo Police Mr.Gazmend Hoxha said that Afrim, fortunately, is not only being commemorated by the state of Kosovo, but also by all our friends.


"He gave his life for this country, for the safety of our citizens. His name and work will be a guide for all new generations", said Mr. Hoxha.

While the family members of the hero Afrim Bunjaku thanked for the honor that is being given to his life and work.