A scientific round table against violence against women was held at the Academy


Vushtrri, December 7, 2023 - At the Kosovo Academy for Public Safety (KAPS) today, a scientific roundtable was held with the title "Gender-based issues and addressing gender-based problems", this topic was addressed at the time when Kosovo is marking "16 days of activism against violence with gender basis".

The goal was to discuss about increasing awareness of women's rights and preventing violence against them.

During the holding of this round table, the participants through their presentations recommended the strengthening of actions by institutions to end violence against women.

The acting Director of the Kosovo Academy for Public Safety, Kastriot Jashari said that the treatment of gender equality topics are very necessary and important.

Director Jashari assessed that the country's institutions are continuously making maximum efforts to advance and integrate the position of women.

"I consider that there is always place for advancement, all the more considering the fact that Kosovo came out of the war 23 years ago, while compared to the countries of the region, I believe that we stand better, not only in institutional readiness, but also in the collective and social awareness in advancing the position of women in Kosovo", said Jashari.

Jashari said that violations of women's rights should be dealt quickly and with special care.

The head of the cabinet at the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Jeta Tela, estimated that discussions about the treatment and addressing of problems on a gender basis is necessary and indispensable.

"Many women and girls, regardless of age, ethnicity, whether they are employed or housewives, whether they live in the village or the city, experience systematic gender-based violence, both physical and psychological", said Tela, saying that addressing violence based on gender, it requires a serious institutional mobilization in its treatment.

The attendees who were part of this round table made several presentations regarding violence and addressing it on a gender basis.

Zijavere Kiqmezi from Kosovo Customs in her paper spoke about gender equality, diversity and the inclusion of women in Public Safety Institutions. 

Kiqmezi mentioned the challenges faced by women and girls in their advancement to leadership positions. He also spoke about sexism in workplaces and their discrimination. While Nebih Halili from the Kosovo Correctional Service presented on the topic "Gender equality: concept and rights".


Mediana Bislimi from the organization "Centre for cooperation and networking of organizations" in her presentation addressed the topic "The role of civil society in raising awareness about gender issues in Kosovo".

Also, during the discussions with a scientific presentation, the dean of the Faculty of Public Safety, Ferid Azemi, presented himself with the topic "Addressing inter-partner violence".
Meanwhile, Vilard Bytyci, professor at the Faculty of Public Safety, spoke about the impact of the Istanbul Convention on Kosovo's legislation, the practical challenges of implementation. This is a convention that opposes violence against women and domestic violence.

At the end, the attendees gave comments and recommendations on how to address gender-based violence and eliminate this phenomenon.

Present at this conference were representatives from the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) Shpresa Mulliqi and Shpresa Muharremi, representatives from EULEX, from KFOR, representatives from ICITAP in Kosovo and representatives from public security institutions in country.