Vushtrri, December 5, 2023 - Clarification regarding the article published yesterday, dated 04.12.2023 in some media with the title "Technical workers of the Police Academy in Vushtrri are protesting, due to low wages". 


The Kosovo Academy for Public Safety (KAPS) informs the public opinion that the news published in some media is not correct. 


In order to inform the public opinion fairly, the Kosovo Academy for Public Safety clarifies that the workers, who have expressed their dissatisfaction, are not employees of the Academy. These are workers of the "SCHAFBERGER" cleaning company, which has acquired the right to maintain the Academy's environment. Which means that the Academy is not responsible for these workers, but the company in question, for which they work. 


Therefore, in order to properly inform the public opinion, please, official information and confirmations can be obtained from the office responsible for media at the Kosovo Academy for Public Safety.


Finally, the name of the institution is not the Police Academy as quoted in the media, but the Kosovo Academy for Public Safety.