At the Academy started pre-sports games competitions "Kosova 2023"


Vushtrri, September 16, 2023 – At the Kosovo Academy for Public Safety (KAPS) today was opening of the pre-sports games for people with disabilities "Kosova 2023", which will be held two days in a row,). About 400 athletes from the countries of the region, from Croatia, Montenegro, North Macedonia and Kosovo are taking part in these competitions. 


The participants in the opening ceremony of this event expressed their willingness to create even better conditions for people with disabilities. 


The Prime Minister of the Republic of Kosovo, Albin Kurti, at the opening ceremony of these games, thanked the Paralympic Committee for the work and commitment it is doing for people with disabilities. 


Prime Minister Kurti said that after joining international organizations, the Paralympic Committee of Kosovo has undoubtedly reaped undeniable successes that help sports, help people with disabilities and affirm the state of Kosovo in the international arena. 


"I congratulate you for this organization and the successes you are showing in terms of membership in international organizations. Let's have fun together and let's socialize as much as possible in order to support and help each other, especially all those people with special needs or disabilities", said Prime Minister Kurti. 


The President of the Paralympic Committee in Kosovo, Njomza Emini, saying that this event is very important for all participants in the competitions, said that the acceptance of the Paralympic Committee of Kosovo into the European Paralympic Committee made this event even more important. Emini thanked everyone who helped make this event happen. 


The Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Kosovo, Emilija Rexhepi, wishing success to the competitors in the games, said that the government is committed to improving the conditions for Paralympic sports as much as possible. "Your energy gives us strength and desire to change many things in the country where we live and we belong to", said Rexhepi.


The commander of the KFOR mission in Kosovo, Angelo Michele Ristuccia, said that he feels honored to have the opportunity to support this committee. 

On this occasion, Ristuccia congratulated the Paralympic Committee of Kosovo for the admission to the European Paralympic Committee. 


Meanwhile, the director of the Department for Security and Public Order in the OSCE, Edward Anderson, said that despite the difficulties, there will be no shortage of successes and results. "Your success is a model for everyone and for us", said Anderson, wishing the athletes of this committee to never stop. 


Meanwhile, the director of the Department of Finance and General Services at the Kosovo Academy for Public Safety, Rrahim Rexha, said that pre-sports games are a very important activity that takes place at the Academy. 


Rexha said that the Academy, as always today and in the future, is ready to support this committee in carrying out its activities. "The Academy is ready to continue to support these categories in the realization of your sports competitions", said Rexha. 


Also, the Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs, Bardhyl Dobra, said that Kosovo and its institutions are committed and aim to advance the position of people with disabilities in welfare, education, culture, sports and other fields.  


In the end, Deputy Minister Dobra wishes the athletes success in their two-day competitions. 


Thanking for the invitation, the representative of the Paralympic Games from Croatia, Antonia Balek, also greeted the competitors. 


The games in which the competitors will participate are; Wheelchair Basketball, Sitting Volleyball, Table Tennis, Chess Games, Inclusion and Physical Education Book Discussion Forum, Goal for the Blind, Paralympic Judo, 5-a-side Football, rope pull all Categories, darts all categories, Arm wrestling, Blind football, Bag run, Drawing "My vision, my rights" etc.