Telegram of condolence


Vushtrri, June 27. 2023 – With deep sadness we have received the news that dr. sc Nexhat Jashari has passed away, he has been a professor for many years at the Faculty of Public Safety.

Professor Jashari will be remembered for his dedication and tireless work in preparing many generations of students. Jashari was a person with high human values, he was patriotic and intellectual.  

Acts and work of Professor Jashari will be inspiring for all colleagues of the Kosovo Academy for Public Safety, students and all those who knew him, while in the field of education he will forever be a respected and contributing name in this field.

On behalf of the Kosovo Academy for Public Safety, I express my sincere condolences to his family, friends, colleagues and students!

Professor Jashari rest in peace!

Kastriot Jashari – Acting General Director of the Kosovo Academy for Public Security