The 57th generation of cadets has graduated


Vushtrri, February 13, 2023 – From today, 433 police officers were added to the Kosovo Police, who today ceremonially took their oath to serve the country and every citizen of the Republic of Kosovo.  

During the graduation ceremony, the newly graduated cadets received congratulations from all the heads of state.

The President of the Republic of Kosovo, Vjosa Osmani, congratulated the cadets who have expressed their willingness to take on such an important task to serve the state, thus creating safety for all citizens of the country.

"The police originate from the citizens and are always at the service of the citizens. You have chosen a profession that requires courage, discipline, will and commitment to law and order", said Osmani.  

President Osmani has stated that these cadets are the ones who guarantee safety and a safe environment for all citizens without distinction.

"You are the ones who guarantee that all citizens without distinction feel safe and each of them will be treated with dignity and respect", said President Osmani.
Meanwhile, the Prime Minister of the Republic of Kosovo, Albini Kurti, during the graduation ceremony of the cadets, said that the government's priority is the protection and safety of the country.  

"We are all proud that today the Kosovo Police protects the lives and property of all our citizens without distinction and enforces legality in the entire territory of the Republic of Kosovo", said Kurti.  

Counting the achievements of the police, Prime Minister Kurti said that the police remain steadfast in the mission of maintaining order and public safety.

"We are happy that the police is ranked among the three most reliable institutions for citizens. Your colleagues, the police officers, especially these last two years with their commitment have shown that they do not compromise with gangs and crime. They have been attacked, they have been injured, but they have not surrendered, despite this they are still there at the top of their duties", Kurti said.
The Prime Minister addressed the cadets who graduated to stay loyal to their oath and to the country.
The Minister of Internal Affairs, Xelal Sveçla, also wished the newly graduated cadets success in their work.
"You have chosen such a high and noble profession. 433 young girls and boys are joining the Kosovo Police, the key institution of our state to engage in the protection of the integrity and sovereignty of the country and the uncompromising fight against crime and corruption", said Sveçla, asking the cadets to serve the country with honesty