At the Academy graduated 46 cadets of the KCS


Vushtrri, January 27, 2023 - At the Kosovo Academy for Public Safety (KAPS), the 42nd generation of cadets of the Kosovo Correctional Service (KCS) graduated, where from today 46 new officials joined this service.

During the graduation ceremony, the cadets received numerous support and congratulations from the attendees.

The Acting General Director of the Kosovo Academy of Public Safety, Kastriot Jashari, said that the Academy will continue to provide training for all public safety officials.  

"On behalf of the Kosovo Academy for Public Safety, I congratulate the cadets the completion of the professional training of the Kosovo Correctional Service. Based on its vision and mission, the academy provides training for all public safety institutions", said Jashari.

Director Jashari said that the curriculum and training programs that the cadets of the Correctional Service of Kosovo have been trained in are compared to international programs.

"From today you are correctional officers with the certificates issued by the Academy through an excellent cooperation that we have had with the correctional service, this cooperation could not have been achieved without the support of two ministers, Minister Albulena Haxhiu and Minister Xhelal Sveçla", said Jashari.

He also said that during these seven months of training, the main goal was teaching and learning.  

"I wish that the skills, abilities and competence that you have acquired during the training will not be used, but if necessary, I am convinced that you will use them professionally to face any challenges that you may face", said Jashari.

Meanwhile, Albulena Haxhiu, Minister of Justice, during the graduation ceremony of the cadets of the Kosovo Correctional Service, said that the aspirations to build a more efficient system with more responsible institutions that serve justice and professionalism are more successful.  

Haxhiu said that the correctional officer is responsible for the safety of convicts and those in custody.

Minister Haxhiu also said that correctional officers make an extraordinary contribution to the re-socialization and re-education of persons who contradicts the law.   

"These sacred missions can be successfully carried out only by professional officials who perform their duties respecting the rights and freedoms of everyone equally, without discrimination on the basis of race, sex, language, age, religion, ethnicity, economic status, sexual orientation or any other personal status", said Minister Haxhiu.  

Minister Haxhiu said that during this two-year mandate, major reforms were made in the Correctional Service of Kosovo.
"For the first time, the Correctional Service of Kosovo is treated by a special law, a law which provides for the dignified treatment of KCS officials", said Haxhiu, wishing the new graduates success in their work.  

She said that the Ministry of Justice will closely follow the developments in the SCK, pushing forward the reforms. Haxhiu also said that he will not tolerate any violation that contradicts the law.

Also, Jeta Tela, Chief of the Cabinet of the Minister of Internal Affairs Xhelal Svecla, congratulated the cadets of the Kosovo Correctional Service on their graduation.

 "Today, 46 girls and boys are joining this noble profession in the interest of public safety, to advance the overall commitment in the field of increasing and improving public safety", Tela said, saying that the Ministry of Internal Affairs priority is given to fighting crime and corruption.

"Undoubtedly, you and those who practice this profession will be part of this mission. The service you are joining is an extremely important part of public safety. You are the ones who, in difficult circumstances, must do the job respecting the constitutional principles, as well as make sure that the treatment of the convicts is done in a more humane way", said Tela before the cadets of the KCS.  

Further, she said that the Ministry of Internal Affairs, through the Kosovo Academy for Public Safety, will continue its commitment to continuously raising the level of training and education in accordance with international standards and best practices.

The acting General Director of the Kosovo Correctional Service, Sami Gashi, also wished the cadets success during their work.

"Your decision to serve in the Kosovo Correctional Service is a decision to serve the security and citizens of the country. You are required to perform your duty in accordance with the constitution and laws of our country", said Gashi.   

The graduation ceremony was attended by other representatives of local and international institutions.