Representatives from the Academy participated in the international conference "Security Education and Education in Security "


Estonia, December 1, 2022 - Kosovo Academy for Public Safety (AKSP) is a good example in the region and Europe on how the projects are carried out so successfully, this was evaluated at the international conference "Security Education and Education in Security", that was held in Tallinn, Estonia.


In this Conference, that was organized by the Estonian Academy of Security Sciences, participated two representatives of the Kosovo Academy for Public Security: Vilard Bytyqi, professor at the Faculty of Public Safety and Skender Agaj, External Relations Officer.

During this Conference, in one session of which was discussed the role of education in the field of security and cross-border cooperation, the attendees appreciated that the Kosovo Academy for Public Safety, as a result of the work in the implementation of projects dedicated to education and safety, today offers quality training and education.

The representatives of the Academy in the Conference presented on the topic “The Experience of an External Partner in the Development of Internal Security Education through International Cooperation”.


This presentation talked about the experience that the Academy has received during both EU-funded Twinning Projects implemented by Estonia and Finland, projects aimed at strengthening education in the field of public safety.

In the framework of this Conference, representatives from the Academy, Bytyqi and Agaj, visited the police study center in Paikuse, where they were informed about the overview of the curricula, the model of integrated education and joint training, the training sites and relevant methodologies, the cooperation with the partner organizations etc.

In addition to the participants from Kosovo, representatives from CEPOL, Finland, Germany, the Netherlands, Poland, etc. also took part in this Conference.

Otherwise, Kosovo Academy for Public Safety has cooperated with the Academy of Security Sciences from Estonia since September 5, 2013, when it was signed a mutual Cooperation Agreement. Also, both institutions cooperate through the Erasmus+ program, where there is an exchange of experiences between students, teachers and administrative staff from Estonia and Kosovo.