A delegation from the IOWA National Guard visited the Academy


Vushtrri, July 5, 2022 –The Kosovo Academy for Public Safety was visited today by a delegation of the National Guard from IOWA of the United States of America, where they met with the Acting  General Director of the Academy, Kastriot Jashari. 

The delegation was headed by Kirk Westvold, assistant of chief of the Norwalk city, Iowa police. 

The purpose of the visit was the continuation of the cooperation between the Kosovo Academy for Public Safety and the state of IOWA.

The Acting General Director of the Academy Kastriot Jashari, welcoming the delegation, informed them about the developments in the Kosovo Academy for Public Safety.

During this meeting, Jashari spoke about the trainings that are held at the academy where all law enforcement participate, about the projects that the Academy has carried out and are related to the field of public safety. 

The delegation was also informed about the international cooperation that the Academy has with various European countries, and more widely, with special emphasis on the USA. 

While the delegation from IOWA from the United States of America (USA), they were interested in the training process held at the Academy. 

The delegation in question expressed its willingness to continue cooperation with the Academy in the field of training for law enforcement.