At the Faculty of Public Safety Fifty-one students graduated


Vushtrri, 24 June 2022 – At the Kosovo Academy for Public Safety today graduated Fifty-one students of the fifth generation of the Faculty of Public Safety. During the graduation ceremony it was assessed that the education and training of members of public safety plays an important role in the safety of citizens and the country.  


The graduates are officials from all public safety agencies, from Kosovo Police, Kosovo Correctional Service, Kosovo Probation Service, Kosovo Customs, Emergency Management Agency and Kosovo Police Inspectorate.  


Minister of Internal Affairs Xhelal Sveçla congratulates the graduates on the success achieved. 


"I am honored to be in front of you in a occasion where you are opening a new chapter for you, but also for our country. The ceremony of completion of your commitment for your academic promotion is in fact just the beginning of your promotion, already at a much higher level ", said Sveçla, saying that the safety of our country has often been compromised by various factors, assessing it as very necessary capacity building for the management of any kind of situation. 



Minister Sveçla said that the newly graduated generation will use the knowledge gained during their studies at the Faculty of Public Safety to increase vigilance in the security of the country. 

"For four months now, a war has been going on, not only unjust, but also unequal, an unjustified aggression by Russia against Ukraine. This is a case where we as security actors are faced with new situations, for us not unknown, it is also a proof that we must be vigilant and prepared for any possible situation. "Russia's war against Ukraine has definitely affected our security, taking into account that Serbia has positioned itself alongside the aggressor and has continuously made efforts to destabilize our country", said Minister Sveçla, saying that providing security for all citizens without distinctions is the joint mission of all public safety agencies. 

Acting General Director of the Kosovo Academy for Public Safety Kastriot Jashari said that the only purpose of the Academy is to provide training and education at the highest level for all public safety officials. 

"I welcome you to this temple of knowledge, to the Kosovo Academy for Public Safety. The institution in which you are today, has always been guided by a clear vision for the continuous advancement of the level of education in the field of public safety, respectively the law enforcement "”, said Jashari, saying that the public safety officials who have come out from the Academy have been ready to face challenges and unpredictable dynamics always in function of a calm and safe environment for all citizens of the Republic of Kosovo, regardless of ethnicity, religion, region, age or gender.  "The Academy is an institution with credibility and a clear identity comparable internationally in the quality of academic knowledge and confirmed with the Award of Excellence from the United States of America", said Jashari.

Also, the Minister of Justice Albulena Haxhiu during her speech expressed her happiness that the recent graduates, despite the challenges, have achieved success. On this occasion, Haxhiu said that they will create even better conditions for every official in safety institutions. 

"I am happy that new generations are being added to our state, in order to contribute and engage in maintaining order and safety, but also the rule of law, especially in a very difficult situation that was also discussed by Minister Xhelal Sveçla. Together we are committed to increase our capacity in security, but also in justice, and we must commit to better working conditions within our institutions, being convinced that only in this way we will be able to create an environment and conditions of work that motivates our officials ", said Haxhiu, saying that the Kosovo Correctional Service has an excellent partnership and cooperation with the Kosovo Academy for Public Safety. 

Whereas the General Director of Kosovo Police Samedin Mehmeti said that every public safety official has a key role in advancing safety institutions.

Director Mehmeti said that the development and advancement of safety staff in law enforcement institutions affects the building of credible institutions.

"Education and training have an important role, especially with professional training in order to have institutional development, as Minister Sveçla mentioned, we are facing major challenges of global safety, regional safety that of course have an impact on our country." said Mehmeti.

Dean of the Faculty of Public Safety Bejtush Gashi said that the newly graduated students are promoters of the advancement and development of public safety in the Republic of Kosovo. Dean Gashi also spoke about the processes that the Faculty of Public Safety has passed and is going through. Gashi said that FPS is also in the process to establish a master program in the field of public safety. 

"Our goals go further, wanting the involvement of all other safety institutions. We have achieved and excelled for successes, therefore we will continue to work for an even better environment for both professors and students ", said Gashi. 

In the end the dean congratulates the students for their graduation and success in the work.

During the ceremony certificates were awarded to two distinguished students. 

Qëndresë Ramadani spoke on behalf of the students, who were also announced distinguished students, she said that during the four-year period they have benefited and have risen professionally. 

"We have worked hard to give our best to serve all citizens of the country," Ramadani said. 

At the end of the ceremony, certificates were awarded to all bachelor's degree graduates.  


The graduation ceremony was also attended by the Acting Director General of the Kosovo Correctional Service Sami Gashi, the Acting Director General of the Kosovo Probation Service Arsim Tahiri, the Acting Director General of the Emergency Management Agency Shefki Abdullahu, the Director of the Customs Department Bashkim Arifi, Head of the Department at the Police Inspectorate of Kosovo Bajram Fetahu, Director of the Directorate for Protection and Rescue in the Municipality of Vushtrri Maliq Ferizi, Director of the Department for Public Order and Safety at the OSCE Mission in Kosovo Edward Anderson, Senior Advisor for the Kosovo Police at ICITAP Timothy, representatives from the European Union office in Kosovo, as well as senior officials of the Academy.