Commissar of the Kosovo Correctional Service visited KCPSED


Vushtrri, 10 September 2009 – A.D. of the Chief Executive of Kosovo Centre for Public Safety Education and Development, Ms. Taibe Canolli today at 10:30 hosted the Commissar of the Kosovo Correctional Service Mr. Resmi Hoxha for an official visit. The purpose of the visit was further cooperation between the Kosovo Centre for Public Safety Education and Development and the Correctional Service in the field of education and training of the officers of this institution. 

In the meeting was discussed for long term plans and programs of the education and development of the officers of public safety, especially for support in training of correctional officers. Mr. Hoxha informed that under the KCS is functioning Transport Unit which does prisoners transportation in Correctional Centres. He asked for support from the KCPSED for training of correctional officers using rifles to secure outside perimeter of the correctional institutions and for Transport Unit which does prisoners transportation. Another issue that has been discussed was providing with ammunition during this training.
Ms.Canolli promised that “support to the Correctional Service in applying trainings plan will continue in the future”. She said that KCPSED will take care strictly in its mission for educational and technical support for all Law Enforcement Agencies.

As a result of the same mission and joint goal to protect human rights and freedom, Kosovo Correctional Service conducts trainings in cooperation with Kosovo Police and other Public Safety Agencies. Especially advanced trainings are to be remaining joint vision of these agencies.

Under the umbrella of the KCPSED function the Kosovo Correctional Service Academy, which is under the management of the training coordinator and correctional staff, prepares strategic training plan and manage trainings of the correctional officers according to the needs included in the strategic training plan, always in coordination with KCPSED.
Correctional Service is one of four Public Safety Agencies that shares premises of basic and advanced trainings in Kosovo Centre for Public Safety Education and Development in Vushtrri.