The Training tactical shooting tactical and intervention


Vushtrri, October 29th, 2010 - At the Center for Public Safety, Education and Development has completed the tactical shooting tactical and intervention Training, training which was supported by the Turkish Country. At the graduation ceremony attended the Chief Executive of the Center for Public Safety Mr. Sheremet Ahmeti, Lieutenant-Colonel Driton Zabërxha, representatives of OSCE, KSF and member of the Kosovo Police.Participants highly evaluated the training and emphasized that " to the Kosovo Police is joining another specialized members of various fields of security who experiences and gained skills in these courses and that they will give their contribution in maintaining order and safety for the citizens of the Republic of Kosovo. " This training is planned and developed according to the needs of the Kosovo Police. The uniqueness of this training is that it is taught by local instructors and lecturers supported by the Turkish state. This is the second generation of instructor training in which 15 police officers were certified.