Responsibilities of General Director 


The General Director is responsible for the general administration and management of the Academy and for guaranteeing the implementation of the functions entrusted to him; recruiting personnel and organizing the Academy, as well as issuing decisions and by-laws on any issue related to its functions;


The General Director is responsible for the efficient and successful management of the financial resources allocated to the Academy; the implementation of the non-discriminatory policy for the personnel of the Academy, including equal representation in all fields and levels, as well as to ensure that the composition of the staff reflects the multi-ethnic character of Kosovo. 


He is also responsible for ensuring that the recruitment of staff is based on their professional qualifications, skills, which are done through open and fair competition, in accordance with the law in force;

He prepares periodic and annual reports on the work of the Academy which reports are submitted to the Minister of Internal Affairs and the Board.


Also, based on the law, the General Director of the Academy is responsible for the development of the long-term strategic plan for the effective and efficient administration of the Academy.