Training Division

Division of Training

1. Duties and responsibilities of the Division of Training are:

1.1. Organization and management of training provided at the Academy for public safety agencies and other civil and legal persons;

1.2. Lecturing in theoretical and practical aspects of the training provided at the academy;

1.3. Submits proposals for the annual training plan in conjunction with public safety agencies;

1.4. Cooperates with the academic units, public safety agencies and other relevant organizations in reviewing and updating training’s materials at the academy;

1.5. Identification and mobilization of the necessary resources for the effective and efficient implementation of planned training at the academy;

1.6. Keeps and maintains records for all developed trainings in the academy.

2. Head of Division of Training reports to the Head of the Department of Training and Education Support.

3. Number of employees in the Division of Training is twelve (12).


Abaz Ahmeti  

Head of the Division for Leadership and Management 

Tel. + 383 (0) 28 570 008

E-mail: [email protected]

Address: KAPS – Vushtrri