Kosovo Customs

Customs training pillar
Responsibilities and duties of the Kosovo Customs Training Sector

Training Sector (TS) as an integral part of organizational structure of customs administration was established on the second half of 1999.

In achieving and meeting objectives of Kosovo Customs (KC), staff training and development it is a priority.

TS function it is to plan, implement, evaluate and promote quality standards of basic and advanced education for overall staff, in compliance with the strategy of KC senior management and detailed plan of EC ‘EU BLUEPRINT”.

Starting from the principle that the training process, it is a acquisition process  systematically of behaviors, concepts, knowledge, roles or skills that bring in a better on job performance, TS it is responsible to develop and direct functions / training structure, in fulfilling objectives of customs administration in general, based on collective and individual need of KC structure.

Training sector leads a wide training activity on trainings planning and implementation from which shall be conducted regional training units as well, build up at each Customs Branch and Coordinator’s Office of KC at CKPSED.

Head of Training Sector shall report to Head of Department of Human Resources, in cooperation with whom plans, coordinates and trains/develops professional capacities of institution.