Department of Trainings and Educational Support

1. Duties and responsibilities of the Department of Trainings and Educational Support are:


1.1. Organization and management of all training provided at the Academy for all agencies of public safety and other civil and legal persons;
1.2. Designing and implementation of the annual training plan in conjunction with the agencies of public safety, operating with all the necessary human resources and educational spaces in the Academy;


1.3. Curriculum Development of the Academy in cooperation with teaching and trainers staff and the relevant domain expert, to designing, updating, standardization and formatting of curriculum;
1.4. Cooperation with academic units, public safety agencies and other relevant organizations in reviewing and updating training materials in the Academy;


1.5. Defining of learning results in cooperation with teaching and trainers staff and the relevant domain experts in the Academy;


1.6. Provision of student services and support to students and attendees for trainings and higher education are implemented in the Academy;


1.7. Provision of assistance and necessary support for attendees, students and other participants throughout the process of study and training;


1.8. Provision of services and language support in the field of verbal and written translation, and services of proofreading in Albanian, Serbian and English language.


2. Head of the Department of Training and Education Support reports to the General Director.


3. Within this Department includes the following divisions:
3.1. Division of Training;
3.2. Division of Curriculum and Testing;
3.3. Division of Student Services;
3.4 Division of Language Support 


Shaban Bajrami
Acting Director of Department for Trainings and Educational  Support

Tel. + 383 (0) 28 570 008
E-mail:[email protected]
Adresa: KAPS - Vushtrri