Human Resources Division

Division for Human Resources

1. Duties and responsibilities of Division for Human Resources are:


1.1. Coordinates human resource planning;


1.2. Administer the recruitment of staff;


1.3. Contributes to increased performance by motivating staff and developmentof training program;


1.4. Ensures the implementation of procedures for recruitment and selection, discipline, grievance handling, vacation requests, performance evaluation, etc.


2. Head of Divison for Human Resources reports in operational terms to the General Director and in administrative terms to the Head of Department of Finance and General Services.


3. Number of empolyees in the Division for Human Resources is four (4). 



Xhemil Klinaku

Personnel Manager

Tel. + 383  (0) 28 590 070 

E-mail: [email protected]   

Address: KAPS– Vushtrri