Information Technology Division

Division of Information Technology


1. Duties and responsibilities of the Division of Information Technology are:


1.1. Preparation, coordination and implementation of Technology policies;


1.2. The development of information technology projects;


1.3. Development and management of all data bases of the Academy;


1.4. Development and maintenance of infrastructure in the Information Technology of the Academy campus;


1.5. Development and management of information technology networks of the Academy;


1.6. Monitoring and ensuring the effectiveness of defining of the Academy, distribute and support strategic planning for implementation of Information Technology;


1.7. Administration, configuration, system management of servers;


1.8. Installation of operating systems and various software applications such identification and correction of problems with software and hardware.


2. Head of Division of Information Technology reports to the Head of Department of Finance and General Services.


3. Number of employees in the Division of Information Technology is six (6).  



Sami Zeka

Head of the Division of Information Technology

Tel. + 383 (0) 28 590 070

E-mail: [email protected]

Address: KAPS – Vushtrri