Security Division of the Academy Facilities

Division of Security of Facilities of the Academy


1. Duties and responsibilities of the Security Division of the Academy Facilities are:


1.1. Secures and ensures the premises and the Academy areas;


1.2. Monitors academy premises through the camera system;


1.3. Records entries-exits of all persons and vehicles at the academy;


1.4. Plans and organizes security for different activities that take place in the Academy. 


2. The Head of Security Division for Academy Facilities reports to the Head of the Department of Finance and General Services.


3. The number of employees in the Security Division of Academy Facilities is twenty-five (25).  



Halit Latifi

Head of the Division of Security of Premises 

Tel. + 383 (0) 28 590 070

E-mail: [email protected]

Adresa: AKSP – Vushtrri