The Academy donated over 110 blood samples

14.02.2019Vushtrri, February 13, 2019 - The donation of blood voluntarily to the Kosovo Academy for Public Safety (KAPS) has become traditional. Today in the Kosovo Academy for Public Safety a large number of 54th generation   cadets of Kosovo Police, instructors and officials working in the Academy voluntarily donated blood.

During this one-day action in the Academy, over 110 blood donations were donated to the needs of the Blood Transfusion Center.

The medical staff during this action expressed their satisfaction that such a large number volunteered to donate blood.

Academy officials, public security officials who are trained in the Academy every year, two or three times a year, donated blood.

Unlike humanitarian action of blood donation was carried out in collaboration with the Health Service of the Kosovo Police, Blood Transfusion of the University Clinical Center of Kosovo and KAPS medical team.