The Steering Committee of the Twinning Project held the next meeting


Vushtrri, December 12, 2018 - At the Kosovo Academy for Public Safety (KAPS), today the Steering Committee of the Twinning Project held the next meeting where they gave an assessment for the implementation of the project for the last three months.Experts estimated that the project, which aims the further support to education in the field of public safety, is being implemented precisely.

 Present at the meeting were the General Director of the Academy Ismail Smakiqi, Rafael Nievergelt, the representative of the European Union Office in Kosovo, the Head of the Twinning Project Krista Haak, Kosovo Ritva Vahakoski, Shpresa Muharremi from the OSCE and representatives of all agencies of public safety.

General Director of the Academy Ismail Smakiqi thanked all the collaborators for their contribution to the implementation of the twinning project, expressed his happiness  that the project so far has been successfully implemented..

He said that the Academy has made progress where we have realized several major projects that are of interest to law enforcement.

Speaking about the progress of the project, from the beginning until now Director Smakiqi emphasized that the Academy has made and will try to improve the education in the security field. In this case, Smakiqi thanked all the officials of the public safety agencies for the continuous cooperation they have done so far in the realization of the twinning project.

"Everything that is in favor of the Academy and the enforcers of the law we will support, the Academy has marked a number of successes, even all of this make the Academy intend in the near future to be a key security factor, play key role in education in the field of public safety", Smakiqi stated.
Further, Smakiqi highly appreciated the realization of the second component that has to do with the contribution to the further establishment and further advancement of the bachelor program at the Academy. He also assessed the contribution for the full functionality of the Institute for Research and Development at the Academy for the benefit of all public safety agencies

Whereas, Krista Haak, leader of the twinning project, assessed that the project has made some progress. On this occasion she said thanks to the close cooperation with the Academy as well with the representatives of agencies has been achieved that the project head towards  its successful implementation.

“Within these three years the good results have been achieved , and I do consider the e-learning course very important, this is a good opportunity for the Academy, "stated Haak.

Even, Rafael Nievergelt, the representative of the European Union Office in Kosovo, thanked all those who contributed to the realization of the project in question. As the twinning project is over, Nievergelt stressed that agencies and Academy have achieved a lot..

"Thank you for the results achieved during this time," Nievergelt said, saying that some projects and good things are coming to an end, while good projects and good things will begin..

Shpresa Muharremi, the OSCE Advisor to the Academy, said the OSCE is happy to be part of the successes achieved in the Academy since its establishment. Muharremi highly appreciates the work that has been done so far in the Academy, in cooperation with strategic partners such as the European Union and ICITAP.

Now that the twinning project is in the end, the positive assessment was also given by the representatives of the Public Safety Agencies.

The Presentation of the three-month twinning project report was introduced by Ritva Vahakoski, resident twinning advisor.

At the end the certificates were awarded to attendees of training for mentors and coordinators of mentors for professional training of public safety agencies.