At the Academy began the second international scientific conference


Vushtrri,  07 November  2018 -   At the Kosovo Academy for Public Safety (KAPS) began the second international scientific conference on "Educational Public Safety Institutions, a Key Factor in the Enhancement of Order and Safety" , which was organized in cooperation with the twinning project, the purpose of which was the debate about strengthening education in the safety field.

In his speech Minister of Internal Affairs, Ekrem Mustafa said that the Kosovo Academy for Public Safety with its own existence is an indicator that order and safety in the country start from a strong educational base where the large number of officials of the safety institutions shows the great work that has been done and is continuing to be done in this educational institution, unique to the country.

"The Kosovo Academy for Public Safety with its mission, vision, values and strategic objectives is presented at the same time as the guarantor that the agencies that educate their staff is and will serve the citizens of this country and they are protector of the interests of the state of Kosovo "Said Mustafa.

Mustafa said that the observance of the rule, the rule of law, respect for democratic values take full meaning only when respect each other, adding that what offers Academy in the education of law enforcement is the guarantee that things are going in the right direction.
In the end, Minister Mustafa said that the Kosovo Academy for Public Safety will have the support of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and asked to continue with the good work being done in this institution.

General Director of the Kosovo Academy for Public Safety at the opening of the conference said that the challenge of security is the main concern of a country.

Speaking about the international support of the Academy, Director Smakiqi said that this has enabled the Academy to enter the cycle of creating professional programs and study programs with European standards and wider.

At this conference, Director Smakiqi spoke about the processes that the Academy has passed, such as the accreditation process by national and international authorities, evaluating that these processes have made this institution very important for the country. Also speaking about safety in the country, the quality of education in the safety field, Smakiqi has mentioned the positive assessments given by the international safety institutions for the Academy, namely Michael N.Becar, Executive Director of IADLEST.

"Excellent assessment for the Academy by local and international experts during accreditation processes, respectively meeting the highest national and international standards of safety institutions, which subjects are the training and education of law enforcement officers, are the result of the work and dedication of Academy staff and partner support, "Smakiqi said.

Smakiqi said that in 2019 the Academy will open a new chapter in the development strategy for the next four years where at this period of its strategic development academy aims to  develop further acquired epithet "Centre of Excellence" of public safety in Kosovo and the region.

Smakiqi said that the master study program and the development of the research and development institute i.e. research area in general will be challenge in the next two - three years.

"The academy will be a key factor in creating safety in the Republic of Kosovo by providing high-level competencies to law enforcement authorities to respond to ever-changing challenges," Smakiqi said, expressing that by 2020 the Academy will have defined study programs in public safety fields, will start with master programs from these fields and will have established and with results the Institute for Research.
"The case of development of the Kosovo Academy for Public Safety in the last five- six years by advancing the higher education in the Academy, namely the opening of the Faculty of Public Safety, signify for understanding the role and impact of education in public safety in Kosova," said director Smakiqi.

In the opening of this conference spoke Dean of the Faculty of Safety from Macedonia Nikola Dujovski, who said that the bachelor programs of both countries will be open to support safety institutions not only in the regions but also wider for the safety of citizens.

While Deputy Head of the Cooperation Office at the EU Office in Kosovo, Libor Chlad said that we have achieved a good partnership between the Academy and the European Union countries, specifically Finland and Estonia where through the experts of the Twinning Project we have today the bachelor program at the Academy.

He said that the European Union has been the leading donor in Kosovo in providing training and education for law enforcement, a contribution that will continue in the future.

The conference will last two days on the date. 07-08 November 2018 and was attended by Minister of Internal Affairs, Ekrem Mustafa, General Director of the Academy Ismail Smakiqi, Bejtush Gashi, Dean of the Faculty of Public Safety, John Fisher, Professor at the University of Valles, United States of America, Deputy Head of the EU Cooperation Office in Kosovo Libor Chlad, Dean of the Macedonian Faculty of Safety Nikola Dujovski, Assistant Director of the Police Academy in Montenegro Mladen Bulatović, Director of the Department of Order and Safety at the OSCE Mission in Kosovo Karl Åke Roghe, Third Secretary of the Macedonian Embassy in Kosovo Seat Fejzuli, Muhaedin Bela Advisor in the Ministry of Defence of Macedonia as well as officials from the US Embassy in Kosovo, ICITAPI and representatives of public safety agencies in country.