The Board of the Academy held its regular meeting


Vushtrri, 10 July 2017 – Board of Kosovo Academy for Public Safety held its regular meeting where they discussed some points that have to do with education in the field of safety.

This meeting was attended by General Director of the Academy, Ismail Smakiqi, General Director of Kosovo Police Rashit Qalaj, General Director of Kosovo Probation Service Bajram Bujupi, Chief Executive of Kosovo Police Inspectorate Miradije Kelmendi, General Director of Kosovo Customs Bahri Berisha, General Director of Kosovo Correctional Service Nehat Thaqi, General Director of Emergency Management Agency Fadil Kodra, Dean of the Faculty of Safety Bejtush Gashi, Drita Perezic from ICITAP, as well as senior officials from respective institutions..

During the meeting, board members discussed setting quotas for public safety institutions in basic bachelor studies for the academic year 2019/20 at the Faculty of Public Safety at the Academy.

At the beginning of the meeting, board members proposed and voted for the chair of the board Nehat Thaci General Director of Kosovo Correctional Service. 

Following the meeting of the KAPS Board, Director Smakiqi informed members about the working performance of the working group for analysing, clarifying and drafting concrete recommendations for implementing common policies for the implementation of the scope of the KAPS Law on the fulfilment of the accreditation standards.

Director Smakiqi informed the KAPS Board for communication through the letters with the National Qualifications Authority, namely the Authority's request to meet the conditions given by the NQA for all professional programs, with the purpose of validating these professional programs and accreditation of the Kosovo Academy for Public Safety.
Board members during the discussions stressed the necessity of meeting these conditions by the Academy and the Public Safety Agencies pledging to further advance the Academy as the institution responsible for providing training and higher education for all public safety institutions.

Director Smakiqi also briefed the KAPS Board on attending the IADLEST Annual Conference in the United States and about the meeting with Northwestern University (USA) regarding the establishment of the Master Study Program in the field of Management - Leadership to be based in the "Police Staff and Command School" program”.

The idea of creating a Master Study Program - from the Management (Leadership) field, which will be based on the curriculum of the "School of Police and Command Staff" course, was born in 2017 during the ten week training of the School of Staff and Police Command, from February 20 to May 18, 2017, which was held for the fifth time in the Kosovo Academy for Public Safety.

"While developing the conference at Milwaukee, Executive Director of the Center for Public Safety of North East University David Bradford expressed readiness to support the Academy in establishing a" Master Study Program - from the Management (Leadership) "field, which will to be based on the curriculum of the 'School of Police and Command School' course",said Director Smakiqi