At the Academy was held a seminar to review the feasibility study


Vushtrri, 24 January 2018 - At the Kosovo Academy for Public Safety today was held seminar where were reviewed conclusions and recommendations about the feasibility study for the Master degree. During this seminar where was discussed about the feasibility study, it was estimated that the opening of a master program in the security field is very necessary for the country.

The meeting was attended by General Director of Kosovo Academy for Public Safety Ismail Smakiqi, Dean of the Faculty of Public Safety Bejtush Gashi, Resident Twinning Project Advisor Ritva Vahakoski, Akrem Rraci from Kosovo Police, Bujar Mustafa from Kosovo Police Inspectorate, Hajriz Sejdiu from the Emergency Management Agency, Shpresa Muharremi from the OSCE, as well as the academic staff of the Faculty of Safety at the Academy.

General Director of the Academy Ismail Smakiqi during the meeting welcomed the participants and thanked all those who worked and are working on the feasibility study.

Smakiqi said that the feasibility study that provides postgraduate studies in the safety sector at the Kosovo Academy for Public Safety is needed and welcomed.

"We all together are working hard on the development and capacity building of all law enforcement and the opening of a safety program in the field of safety opens the way for even greater safety sector development throughout Kosovo”, Smakiqi said, saying that the Academy is ready to offer and enable conditions for any law enforcement who is interested in developing his profession.

The Dean of the Public Safety Faculty, Bejtush, also thanked all those who worked on the feasibility project, which through surveys and conversations have issued recommendations and conclusions about the possibility of opening the master study program.

"Based on the needs analysis as well as the capacities we can offer, we have discussed and think that the Faculty of Public Safety can offer master studies and study program would be possible in two fields of study, in advanced leadership and strategic management as well police work based on the research that in fact also the feasibility project has come up with these findings",said Gashi, saying that in closed-type specialized studies, huge investments are needed" I mean about intelligence services and some  specialized studies. For this we have the support of other institutions of Kosovo ". 

Gashi also estimated that with regard to master studies the Academy meets the conditions in terms of infrastructure as well, as he said it is necessary financial support.

Whereas Akrem Rraci Director of Specialized and Advanced Training in Kosovo Police highly appreciates the commitment and vision that the Kosovo Academy for Public Safety continuously through strategic documents has expressed its goal for education and training in general of public safety agencies.

"Opening a master program in the safety field is also important for the Kosovo Police", said Rraci, thanking the OSCE, twinning project experts and all those who through various documents have made a feasibility study.

While Marek Link experts from the Twinning Project have presented the feasibility study review report by saying that a master's degree program in the field of safety is needed.

"The purpose of the feasibility study is to determine whether it has interest, support, skills and access to a postgraduate master's degree program in the field of public safety. The purpose of the Feasibility Study is currently; in principle, an idea or a great interest we need to know that the world in their environment needs in their master market and if this element shows a positive trend and this is currently a key conclusion from last year's study which gives a measurement measure that is not much in detail but is based on the analysis and interviews of all of you",said Link..
During this meeting it was estimated that the master program will be important for Agencies and for future capacities of the Faculty of Public Safety.