At the Academy was held meeting for the feasibility programs for master study


Vushtrri, 08 December 2016- Today at the Academy was hosted expert Klaus Welter, OSCE consultant for preparation of report regarding the feasibility of master level studies in the Faculty of Public Safety in KAPS.

Present at the meeting were the Director General of the Academy Ismail Smakiqi, Dean of the Faculty of Public Safety Bejtush Gashi, professors of FSP, experts of the twinning project: Ritva Vähäkoski Krista Haak, Marek Link, Shpresa Muharremi from the OSCE, as well as senior management of KAPS.

The audience was addressed Director Smakiqi who emphasized that the Academy is an institution created after the war, assisted by international partners and is a very important institution for the security institutions that conduct training at the academy. He spoke about the history of the Academy, international partnerships, twinning project of the European Commission, a project which has enabled the functioning of the Faculty of Safety.

Speaking about the importance of master studies Director Smakiqi said that the vision of the Academy for the future is to have the program of postgraduate studies that is vital for capacity building of law enforcement officials who work in safety institutions.

While expert Klaus Welter in his speech spoke about the development of higher education and postgraduate studies for the models of education in his country. He said that the Academy, namely the Faculty of Public Safety should choose a model suitable for master.

"Thank you for the honour that you did for me to participate in this very important meeting, in which I will speak about the manner of development of higher education and postgraduate studies," said Klaus Ëelter. He also made a presentation about his background and work experience in safety institutions.
Dean of the Faculty of Public Safety at the Academy Bejtush Gashi said that today is a special day for the fact that we are creating a new opportunity for master studies.

Speaking about general safety Gashi said that based on the requirements that have Safety institutions is necessary a new offer for master studies.

He said that this is a good opportunity to students after completing basic studies to pass at other stages, as master study. Dean Gashi said that this study offer will be a guarantee that the Faculty of Safety will create opportunities for all those who are interested to contribute to the institutions from which they come.

Also the expert Marek Link during the meeting talking about the safety and the phenomena at global level stressed that the key against these negative phenomena is a commitment. He also expressed the need for the master studies at the Academy in favour of the safety institutions to create the professional staff that will contribute to the overall safety for the citizens of the Republic of Kosovo.

During the meeting regarding the report of the feasibility of master's programs at the Academy for Public Safety was developed a debate between the parties in harmonization of ideas and experiences from different countries that at the Academy in the near future to provide postgraduate studies suitable for  needs of safety institutions in countries.