The regular Board meeting was held at the Academy


Vushtrri, 30 September 2020 - At the Kosovo Academy for Public Safety (KAPS), today the Board held the following meeting where the topic of discussion was issues related to the field of higher education  and training development for public safety officials.

The meeting was attended by the General Director of the Academy Ismail Smakiqi, General Director of Kosovo Police Rashit Qalaj, General Director of the Kosovo Correctional Service Nehat Thaçi, Kushtrim Hodaj Acting Chief Executive of the Kosovo Police Inspectorate, Acting General Director of Kosovo Customs  Ibrahim Xhakaj, General Director of the Emergency Management Agency Fadil Kodra, Dean of the Faculty of Public Safety Bejtush Gashi, Kadri Haliti, deputy General Director of the Kosovo Probation Service, Bylent Ribari from the OSCE as well as senior officials from relevant institutions.

By greeting the attendees chairperson of the Board Nehat Thaci initially requested to approve the agenda, for which points were discussed separately.

During this meeting after a discussion, the professional standards for public safety institutions were approved.
Among other things, the board with unanimous votes established the working group to review the curricula of professions for public safety institutions.

Meanwhile during the meeting the General Director of the Kosovo Academy for Public Safety presented the six-monthly work report of the Academy for the period January-June 2020.
Smakiqi said that although a pandemic time, thanks to professional commitment the Academy has managed to develop its activities in accordance with the prescribed rules.

“The achievements of the reporting work are as a result of the work of the staff of the Academy who have given their contribution either individually or in groups in performing responsibly and full professionalism of duties and simultaneously thanking for the work and the cooperation of safety institutions and international organizations which have supported us in achieving our successes ", said Smakiqi.

Director Smakiqi said that all activities and actions undertaken by the Academy are coordinated and presented through the annual work plan of KAPS for 2020, development strategy and action plan of KAPS 2019/2022.

"As a special achievement for this period we can single out:  Professional training New Police officer  55th generation with a total of 446 cadets; holding the seventh international conference ‘ Mobility Challenges in Transport and Public Safety’, organized by ‘Tempulli’ college in cooperation with the Academy; Signing cooperation agreements with ‘AAB College’ with ‘Kadri Zeka’ University, the signing of the cooperation agreement with the Academy of Law, the creation of the digital platform 'distance learning', etc.", said Smakiqi.

Also during the meeting was discussed about the progress of the competition process for the admission of students in basic bachelor studies for the academic year 2020/2021 at the Faculty of Public Safety.