Experts from Northern Ireland who lead the European Commission project “Supporting the Reform in Kosovo Police" has visited KAPS


Vushtrri, April 18, 2019- Today, the Kosovo Academy for Public Safety was visited by experts from Northern Ireland, Esmond Adair and Laurence Hanvey, who lead the project of the European Commission "Supporting the Reform in Kosovo Police" implemented by NI-CO (Northern Ireland Cooperation Overseas).

The experts mentioned were hosted by the Director General Mr. Ismail Smakiqi and the senior management of the Academy.

During this meeting, Director Smakiqi thanked the experts for the visit and expressed their gratitude for the continued support that the European Union is doing in Kosovo and in particular for the Kosovo Academy for Public Safety.

Also during this meeting, Mr. Smakiqi mentioned the two Twinning projects of the European Commission, which have resulted in a remarkable success for the security institutions in the country, with the opening of bachelor studies and the creation of six professional programs for six safety agencies which are trained at the Academy accredited by the National Qualifications Authority, such as Kosovo Police, Police Inspectorate, Emergencies, Kosovo Customs, Correctional Service and Probation Service.

Director Smakiqi also spoke about the international co-operation that the Academy has with the various countries in the region and beyond.

While expert Esmond Adair, who is also the leader of the project "Supporting Reform in Kosovo Police", said that where ever they went they have heard good words about the Academy, for all the support it gives to all institutions, and has high rating from other institutions.
He said that the accreditation is very important the process you have passed because the success of accreditation comes as a result of the importance and work of the Academy.

He said that during the three-month stay in Kosovo we will collect information and see what are the needs and changes for reforms in the Kosovo Police, which is also the mission of the European Commission project.

While Laurence Hanvey said, "We have the best words for the Academy as a very credible institution and who is very professional."

At the end Director Smakiqi expressed his willingness for cooperation that is in the best interest of the security institutions in the country, noting the hard work of the KAPS management in the realization of this very important project in reforming the Kosovo Police.