Kosovo Academy for Public Safety donated over 50 blood doses


Vushtrri,  January 10, 2018 – Students of the Faculty of Public Safety in cooperation with the officials of the Kosovo Academy for Public Safety voluntarily donated blood, an action organized by the Student Council of this faculty in cooperation with the Dean, management and medical staff of the Academy.

During this one-day action held at the Academy, over 50 blood donations were donated for the needs of citizens at the University Clinical Center of Kosovo (UCCK).

The medical team of the National Transfusion Center came at the Academy to enable students and officials to donate blood without disconnecting from their work tasks and activities.

Medical staff said that the call for blood volunteering donation have responded  a large number of students of the Faculty of Public Safety, members of the Public Security agencies such as police instructors and other officials of the agencies.

Director General of Kosovo Academy for Public Safety, Mr. Ismail Smakiqi during his visit to medical staff of blood donation, was pleased that the Academy has become a good example of blood donation.

"At the Academy, voluntarily blood donation is organized almost twice a year. Blood donation is a sacrifice and great help to all those citizens who need blood, “said Mr. Smakiqi.

Satisfied with the blood donation at the Kosovo Academy for Public Safety was also the medical staff of Blood Transfusion,
They said the Academy is a model for other institutions to donate blood voluntarily.

Call for blood donation has also responded the Dean of the Faculty of Public Safety Mr.  Bejtush Gashi, who said that, was pleased with the willingness of students to donate blood voluntarily.