Republic of Kosovo Ministry of Internal Affairs


Faculty of Public Safety

Besides the adoption of the Law in KAPS- in December 2011, European Commission has approved Twinning Project financially entitled; “ The Improvement of Education in sectors for security and public order” implemented during the period 2012-2014 from Finland and Estonia.

Through this twinning project it was enabled the establishment of Higher Education in the field of public security for all executors of law, according to Bologna process, based on European Standards, it is something that didn’t exist before not only in the Academy, but in Kosovo and in Region as well. 

It was a major and historical success through a joint contribution of more than 170 officials from different local and international institutions as well. It was a close cooperation of all stakeholders involved in this project, including staff of Academy, senior officials from  Kosovo Government, experts from Public Security Institutions and more than 26 Experts from Finland and Estonia as well, supported by local and international partner institutions it was enabled the opening of the
During the period 2012- 2014, within the twinning project at Academy it was accomplished a series of important processes: 

It was completed the legal framework; it was compiled the self-evaluation report, and designed the curriculum for Bachelor Program in the field of public security, it was designed the structure for four-years of Programme study ( 240 ECTS), Bachelor level (BA), it was drafted “ The Manual for Quality” and Quality Assurance System, and it was compiled “ The Development Strategy of the Academy and Action Plan’’, for years 2014- 2018 , the permanent academic staff was recruited  (in March 2014), it was taken the decision to accredit programme study for four- years ( 240 ECTS) about Academy in the field of public security by State Council of Quality and announced by Kosovo Accreditation Agency. 

The fulfilment of all these processes, it made possible within the Academy to establish the higher education in the field of public security. In the first Academic year 2014-2015 that started on 15th   October 2014, as a result of these processes mentioned above were accepted 69 students from Public Safety Institutions respectively by; Kosovo Police, Correctional Service of Kosovo, Probation Kosovo Service, Emergency Management Agency, Kosovo Customs and Kosovo Police Inspectorate.


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