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Professors of FPS have attended the 5th International Scientific Conference held in Tirana

11.02.2020 Vushtrri, February 11, 2020 – Representatives of the Faculty of Public Safety, which is within the Kosovo Academy for Public Safety, have attended in the 5th International Conference "Environmental Crime, Environmental Security and National Security" held at the Academy of Security in Tirana-Albania. In this conference which was organized by the Academy of Security in Albania, in cooperation with the Kosovo Academy for Public Safety, University of Rome "Tor Vergata", University "Alexander Moisiu" Durres, Department of Political Science at the Faculty of Social Sciences of TU- Faculty of Law at University “Luarasi”, Tirana; the support and presence of the OSCE in Albania, as well as from Municipality of Tirana have participated the academics, researchers, professionals, students and law enforcers. The purpose of the conference was to scientifically address the degree of importance of the criminal-law protection of the environment; the meaning of offenses against the environment and treatment through their general figures; types of offenses against the environment; addressing the meaning and features of investigating environmental offenses, etc. But, its main purpose was to improve environmental safety, through academic police contribution, by sharing environmental best practices and lessons learned; forming bilateral and multilateral cooperation, identifying stakeholders and responsibilities, legal deficiencies and recommendations for the future; for presentation of existing practices and further recommendations of curricula, environmental safety training programs to law enforcers. Also professors of the Faculty of Public Safety also participated in this scientific conference. The Dean of Faculty of Public Safety, Prof. Assoc. Dr Bejtush Gashi presented the scientific paper "Harmonization of the Criminal Code of Kosovo with the Criminal Convention against Corruption, the need to guarantee national security and combating environmental crimes", while the professor Prof. Ass.Dr. Vilard Bytyqi presented the scientific paper “Impact of Directive 2008/99 / EC on Environmental Protection through Criminal Law in the Criminal Legal Framework in the Republic of Kosovo”. Dean Gashi also moderated the 4th session entitled "Understanding, Features, Specifics and Methods of Investigating Environmental offences". Participation was open to academic staff, students of the Academy of Security, Academic experts and researchers, experts and researchers on investigations and security issues, representatives from international organizations etc. The proceedings of the conference were developed into four divided sessions and at the end of the respective presentations, the conclusions of the conference were drawn from all the sessions developed, and to attendees were distributed certificates of participation.

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