KAPS signed agreement of cooperation with the National Library of Kosovo "Pjetër Bogdani" and the Association of Electronic Libraries of Kosovo (AELK)


Vushtrri, 9 October 2020 - Kosovo Academy for Public Safety (KAPS) today signed a cooperation agreement with the National Library of Kosovo "Pjetër Bogdani" and the Association of Electronic Libraries of Kosovo (AELK). The agreements which were signed today in the premises of KAPS in Vushtrri by the General Director of the Academy Ismail Smakiqi, the Director of NLK Fazli Gajraku and the Coordinator of AELK Bukurije Haliti aims to  make agreement  between these institutions  to support and realize the common interests in the respective fields of activity and to deepen the relations  in the function of inter-institutional development.
In the framework of the agreement signed between KAPS and NLK, among others, the cooperation will focus on mutual support and encouragement in the framework of: strengthening institutional relations, using the resources of institutions of common interest, research / research, collaboration in organizing conferences, seminars, exhibitions, fairs, promotions of important publications of authors, involvement in possible joint projects, implementation of specialized services for copyright, access and provision of reference services for students , the academic staff and the professional staff of the Academy, including information on the Library collections (access to over 700 thousand titles), on the electronic and manual catalog, research methods, etc.
While in the framework of the agreement signed between KAPS and AELK, the purpose of this agreement is the membership of the Kosovo Academy for Public Safety in the Association of Electronic Libraries of Kosovo and the use of electronic resources and materials necessary for the needs of Academy. KAPS membership in ABEK offers the opportunity to use electronic resources provided by AELK through EIFL ("Electronic Information for Libraries", or in translation "Electronic Information for Libraries").
During the joint discussions at the meeting, the General Director of KAPS, highly appreciating the importance of these agreements reached, also added that for students, the academic and professional staff of KAPS is now enabled and offered a wide range of opportunities to have access to the services provided by the NLK and AELK and which will be a great support in building and expanding their knowledge and intellectual capacity. While, among other things, in the joint discussion it was also emphasized that such agreements are more than necessary,  in the case of concretization of these agreements we will be able to develop and support each other and expand our institutional and intellectual capacities (academic and scientific).
As part of the agenda, a visit was made to the premises of the Academy, where the delegation of NLK and AELK  had the opportunity to visit the campus of the Academy, to get notified closely  with the work, staff and achievements of the Academy and the vision for its future.